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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women can now address these problems through a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation therapy called ThermiVa. ThermiVa utilizes radio frequency energy to gently and effectively tighten vulvovaginal tissue. Many women have lax vaginal canals as well as stretched or uncomfortable labia due to childbirth, weight fluctuations, the natural aging process, or other medical reasons. ThermiVa can help alleviate urinary leakage and urgency, vaginal looseness and vaginal sensitivity. This treatment also strengthens vaginal muscles, improves painful intercourse and increases vaginal moisture.

The ThermiVa radiofrequency technology has been proven safe and effective for tissue tightening, and the procedure is comfortable and quick. It is the first and only non-ablative, non-invasive technology for vaginal rejuvenation, making it a great choice for women who want to restore their pre-baby body without having to undergo complex, risky surgery! Labiaplasty has long been the only method available to help women tighten and firm post-baby labia and vaginal canals, but ThermiVa provides a revolutionary alternative.

Most patients will benefit most from a series of three treatments over the course of three months. While some results can be seen after just one treatment, the full course is recommended for optimal results. Depending on the patient, results can be seen on the day of treatment to a few weeks following the first treatment.

This treatment requires a complimentary consultation prior to scheduling your appointment.

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