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Additional Services

Clinical Aesthetics of Tulsa, Additional Services, Ear PiercingEAR PIERCING

Deciding to pierce your ears can be a big step and the utmost care and consideration should be observed during the procedure.

We offer our procedure in a sterilized surgical setting.

Each ear is sterilized prior to piercing. With the surgical method we use, the technician never has to touch the piercing cartridge or ear piercing studs when performing the procedure.  Everything that touches the ear is pre-sterilized and disposable for your convenience.

Our earrings are made of surgical plastic and do not contain nickel. Our technician has many years’ experience performing this procedure and we fill confident that you will be completely satisfied with your results.  Cost – $100, includes earrings.

Clinical Aesthetics of Tulsa, DermaplaningDERMAPLANING

Dermaplaning, or blading, is an exfoliating treatment that provides an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion and is a good choice for anyone who has fine facial hair (peach fuzz), extremely sensitive skin, redness or rosacea, or visible facial veins.

The dermaplaning treatment is done by an experienced technician who uses a sterile blade to gently exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair commonly known as “peach fuzz”. A noticeable improvement is immediate with smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. Hair returns softly and will not become coarser because of the treatment. Even products penetrate the skin better following this treatment. (A Lactic Acid peel prior to dermaplaning can be added to receive a more visible result.)  Cost – $50

Clinical Aesthetics of Tulsa, Pimple InjectionPIMPLE INJECTIONS

Kenalog injections are for clients with an ill-timed pimple or a large pimple that is reoccurring or doesn’t respond to other treatments.

Kenalog is a mild steroid, which can make most pimples disappear in 6-20 hours. It is injected directly into the pimple to help reduce redness and swelling almost immediately.

By reducing the swelling, the pimple is easier to cover up with makeup as well.

Though this procedure helps to solve the inflammation problem almost instantly, there can be side effects, such as redness, itching, or a temporary whitening of the skin around the injection point. For these reasons, this treatment is not recommended on regular basis, but is best for use in special cases.

For preventative care and everyday acne, we offer a wide variety of skin care products for every type of skin, including acne prone, as well as laser hair removal and chemical peels. Photodynamic Therapy, shown under “Cosmetic Laser”, is an excellent way to control acne breakouts.  Cost – $28 for one, $14 for each additional injections per visit.