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Susan Miller has been performing photo facials on me for more than 10 years. The first initial series made such a notable difference that I became dedicated to any follow ups needed. I lead a very active lifestyle and I followed her knowledgeable advice to always apply sunscreen, but I have continued to see benefit in once a year treatments to the face. Last summer we took it a step further and began treatments on the neck, chest, arms and back. I love the results and feel that the procedure is essential to warding off age spots and leaving fresher more radiant skin. I would not allow just anyone to take a laser to my face. Susan Miller is professional, skilled, and willing to listen to her clients and match their needs. She will only recommend products that effectively and noticeably treat my skin care concerns. I am looking forward to being one of her first clients in her new location.

Pam Mitchell

It is a rare occurrence to find a health care professional who possesses great clinical skill along with a genuine interest in her client as a person. Susan Miller is one such professional. Susan has performed my photo facial and laser treatments for the past 7 years, and I would not consider using anyone else. She clearly has a sound knowledge of aesthetic dermatology, and will only promote those products and procedures that have proven scientific basis to support their claims. But equally important, Susan has always taken a personal interest in me as an individual, i.e. what are my expectations, my goals, and even my financial capabilities. I highly recommend Susan Miller for all your clinical aesthetic needs.


Susan has been taking care of my skin for 10 years. I have enjoyed having sun spots removed, wrinkles diminished, healthier looking skin and most importantly, a younger looking face. Getting older does not have to mean looking older. She has helped me with how I take care of my skin, which is just as important as what she does for me. With her holistic approach by teaching me about my skin care and what she does for me, I look and feel younger. Turn back Father Time by giving Susan a call. She will give you an honest assessment of options that your skin will love.

Kerrie Tims

I went to Susan Miller in hopes of treating unsightly redness in my face. First, I received a complimentary consultation to discuss treatment options available to me. Susan explained the different treatment options and we decided to proceed with a series of Photo facials. I was a little nervous about receiving a photo facial but Susan made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. She even gave me her cell phone number in case I had any further questions after hours of operation. The photo facials have completely changed my skin and I am definitely going back for additional treatments for brown spots on my chest area. Due to Susan’s superior knowledge and professionalism, I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a qualified, passionate Clinical Aesthetician in the Tulsa area. After all, this is your face and you have to be COMPLETELY comfortable with the technician providing these types of services.

Amanda W.

It is my pleasure to let other people know about Susan Miller and her work. Susan is not only professional and personable but one of the most honest and hardworking people I have ever met. I enjoyed her and she always made me feel so special. The services that I received from Susan were all excellent. She performed several hair removal sessions on me and I was and am well pleased. Susan also gave me several Foto facials sessions that helped my skin and got rid of several areas on my face that I was self-conscience about. I’ve also had facials and brow waxing with her. I enjoyed all of Susan’s services and always looked forward to seeing her.

Marilee Dickson

Susan Miller is the only one that I trust my skin with 100%.  She is very gentle, yet effective – and always reassuring. She has done my photo facials for over 5 years and I have always loved the results. The dark spots are gone from my face and my skin is always so smooth. After my last photo facial, my husband swore I had makeup on, but I didn’t. My skin was that clear and smooth.

LeNissa Bennett Chenowth

The ladies at Clinical Aesthetics are the BEST!  Susan, Dr May & Brooke are always there to help & I am thankful they are honest as well as available before, during & after any treatment.  Susan is great to visit with & will help any one come up with a treatment plan to pinpoint what ever it is you need.  They also carry great products that help support the services they provide.  I have seen my skin change dramatically in 2 years & that is all the proof a girl needs!

Charity Cherry