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Botox Cosmetic injections contain safe and proven medical products to enhance the appearance of skin and reduce wrinkles while offering temporary reversal of the appearance of aging on skin.

Botox interrupts the transmission of nerve signals; this causes the muscle treated to weaken temporarily. These muscles are not able to contract, and the skin overlying these muscles becomes flattened against the muscle. This smoothing effect applies to frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet—any place on the face where the lines are associated with muscle contraction.

Botox is extremely safe, and allows patients to return to their daily routine immediately after treatment. The effects are evident within days of treatment. Botox injections last different amounts of time in everyone, but typically up to 4 months.

This procedure requires a complimentary consultation with our physician prior to treatment and can usually be done the same day Botox is administered. Cost – $10 per unit.

All Botox injections are administered by Dr. Anne S. May.

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