Maintaining Great Skin

If you have normal skin, there are 4 basic things you can do for your skin to make it its absolute best. By normal skin I mean skin free of acne breakouts, rosacea, broken vessels, eczema, actinic keratosis or any other medical skin issues. These conditions may require a more aggressive skin care regimen.

The 4 basic things are:

  • Stimulate collagen
  • Use an antioxidant
  • Exfoliate
  • Protect

Today let’s address collagen stimulation. What is collagen? How does it help our skin? Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that heals the skin and fills in the spaces left hollow by wrinkles, giving you younger and healthier skin. When we are young, we have plenty of collagen. But as we age, collagen dissipates until eventually we have very little. There are several ways to help collagen return.

  1. Eat foods rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, also known as AHAs. Some of those foods are cold water fish, tomatoes, eggs, beans, blueberries, oranges, garlic, soy-based products, nuts and green tea.
  2. Use products proven, through independent studies, to increase collagen. Copper peptide is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production. Retinoic Acid (Retin A) is also clinically proven to increase collagen production.
  3. Treating the skin with light-based therapiesablative procedures and most chemical peels will also stimulate collagen.

Remember, the person with the most collagen, wins!

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