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We cannot possibly stock all the products from each product line we carry, so we have chosen to offer the leading products from each line; the one/s that we like to call their ‘flagship product’.  Each skin care line that we feature has started out with one main product and built an entire skin care line around that product.  We chose to showcase that flagship product selectively to make more options available for you.  There are so many products available, and it becomes confusing when trying to make the best decision for you skin care routine.  Therefore, feel free to call us to schedule a complimentary, no-cost consultation allowing us to evaluate your skin to make the suggestions for the best regimen possible for you based on your skin type, age of your skin and cost.

DefenAge is a radical anti-aging system. It is demonstrated to visibly improve up to 16 signs of skin aging in 6 weeks. DefenAge smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brightens overall tone and radiance, promotes a more even texture, revives clarity, replenishes moisture, renews softness and creates an optimal bio-environment for skin regeneration. NEW to the Tulsa area. NEW to Clinical Aesthetics of Tulsa. NEW to YOU!

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In 2016, Skin Better science set out to create a new paradigm in skincare, not only for patients, but for the physicians, nurses, aestheticians and surgeons who help patients achieve beautiful skin. Our award-winning products are backed by a diverse team with decades of experience in clinical research and development and furthered by a continued commitment to the study of skincare science and the introduction of new technologies.

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Formulated with the novel Cysteamine Isobionic-Amide Complex™️ that activates powerful synergistic effects, Cyspera Intensive System™️ is clinically proven to be fast and effective against hyperpigmentation without the concerns of corticosteroids, retinoic acid and hydroquinone. If you struggle with Melasma, dark pigment on your skin and uneven tone as a result of either, there is now hope for you in Cyspera.

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If you struggle with Rosacea, then you know you’ve never been able to use harsh chemicals and exfoliants. But exfoliating our skin is what helps to keep it young and fresh looking.  Restorsea was developed for people with Rosacea and sensitive skin. Experience Restorsea’s natural efficacy with The Regimen, powered by Vibransea complex and specially configured to accelerate results, so you see visibly improved skin in just two weeks.

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AnteAge Skin Care utilizes stem cell technology to repair and rejuvenate aging skin. The stem cells contained in AnteAge skincare products are powerful, complex, and wonderfully intelligent cells used to support the skin’s ability to heal. They are able to self-replicate and heal wounds, fight inflammation, and repair dying skin cells resulting in a remarkable reduction in sagging, redness, and spots. Of all the stem cells, adult bone marrow stem cells are the most highly intelligent of all, and that is what AnteAGE® delivers in this optimized skincare system. AnteAGE Technology – YouTube

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We carry many of the comprehensive line of zinc-based, broad-spectrum sunscreens for all skin types, conditions and lifestyles. Formulated to be noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free, so every body, can live freely under the sun.  Elta MD Sunscreens are the #1 trusted and recommended sunscreen by dermatologists for sun damage prevention.

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Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes.

Use one drop in each eye per day to see immediate results. We have Upneeq available in a box of 45 treatments or you may purchase it one application at a time. Experience this eye-opening treatment.

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Known the world over as an industry leader, Guinot has consistently led the charge in skincare, particularly with their moisturizers.

We no longer carry the entire line of Guinot but do continue to carry several of their best moisturizers and hydration products.

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Latisse, Clinical Aesthetics of Tulsa

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