Preformed in our office, PRX is a liquid that, applied with a specific technique, provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration.

PRX is often referred to as a “reverse peel” as no peeling or downtime are experienced. It works from the inside out to help with tightness, tone, texture, pigment, and more. PRX can be used on the face, including upper and lower eyelids, neck, chest, and body. It also helps to minimize the appearance and feel of those ugly stretch marks.

Immediate results are seen and felt and work best when received in a series of 4-6 treatments, 7 days apart. There is no downtime, no discomfort, and can be used on any skin type, both men and women, during any season of the year. You can expect improvement with sun damage, melasma, pore size, aging, skin discoloration, lines and wrinkles, scars, both acne and surgical, hydration, hyperpigmentation, and skin laxity. PRX also helps to stimulate collagen formation.

You will be amazed by the results you’ll receive. Seeing is believing.

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